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gamma/ XL

Bild vergrößerngamma/ XL

The new solenoid-driven metering pump gamma/ XL is the enhancement to our proven gamma/ X and covers a capacity range from 8 – 80 l/h at 25 – 2 bar. The gamma/ XL also has other interfaces, for example CAN bus and Wi-Fi connections. This allows the gamma/ XL to network with all systems, devices and platforms. Like the gamma/ X, the gamma/ XL has an intuitive operating concept. The pump is adjusted using a click wheel and 4 additional operating keys. Pressure detection without wetted parts ensures maximum operational safety. Hydraulic error statuses, like “Gas in the dosing head”, “Overpressure” and “No pressure” can be detected.

  • Illuminated 3” LCD and 3-LED display for operating, warning and error messages, visible from all sides
  • In non-automatic mode, stroke rate setting 1 stroke/h – 12,000 strokes/h, stroke length electronically continuously variable 0 – 100%, recommended 30 – 100%
  • Factor with external contact control 99:1 – 1:99
  • Batch operation with max. 99.99 or 99,999 strokes/start pulse
  • Connector for 2-stage level switch
  • 3 additional ports, switched as digital inputs or outputs
  • Optional 0/4 – 20 mA output for remote transmission of stroke length, stroke rate and error messages
  • Optional relay module with 1 x switchover contact, 230 V – 8 A
  • Optional relay module with 2 x On, 24 V – 100 mA
  • Simple adjustment of the capacity directly in l/h or in gph
  • Integrated pressure measurement and display for greater safety during commissioning and in the process
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection for the simple configuration and call-up of process data (optional)
  • Capacity adjustment range 1:40,000
  • Direct input of the required final concentration with volume-proportional metering tasks in concentration mode
  • Virtually wear-free solenoid drive, overload-proof and economical
  • Suitable for continuous micro-metering from approx. 5 ml/h, thanks to the regulated solenoid drive
  • Detection of hydraulic malfunctions, such as gas in the dosing head, and no or too high back pressure, ensures smooth processes
  • External control via potential-free contacts with pulse step-up and step-down
  • External control via 0/4-20 mA standard signal, scalable
  • Integrated 1-week/1-month timer
  • Guaranteed metering by means of automatic bleeding
  • Connection to process control systems via a BUS interface, such as PROFIBUS®, PROFINET®, CAN bus or Wi-Fi
  • Automatic mode – volume settings only (l/h, ml/contact etc.)
  • Non-automatic mode – settings via stroke length and stroke rate
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Accessories (6)

Accessorie Product details
Float Switch

Float switches enable problem-free and flexible integration of metering pumps into automatic control loops.

Suction Assembly

For ProMinent® solenoid pumps consisting of foot valve, adjustable retaining tube with screw connection and intake line.

Suction Lance

Consisting of foot valve, retaining tube and screw connection, intake hose.

Control Cable

Control cables enable problem-free and flexible integration of metering pumps into automatic control loops.

Wall Mounting Bracket

With fixtures, to hold one metering pump.

Flow Meter DulcoFlow® DulcoFlow®

Operates based on the ultrasonic measurement method. Media contacting parts manufactured using chemically resistant PVDF. Therefore, aggressive media can also be measured without problem. Installed directly in the pipe of the medium being measured.


Spare parts (2)

Spare part Product details
Spare parts kit Ersatzteilset

The replacement part kit in general includes the wear parts of the liquid ends. Metering diaphragm, suction valve, pressure valve, valve balls, gasket set (for diaphragm metering pumps).

Replacement diaphragm Ersatzmembran

Replacement diaphragm for diaphragm metering pumps.