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Hydro/ 3

Bild vergrößernHydro Hydraulik-Membrandosierpumpe
  • Capacity per dosing head 10 - 170 l/h, 100 - 25 bar
  • Available as single or double-head version
  • In double-head versions the liquid ends are operated in push-pull manner (boxer principle)
  • Each liquid end is equipped with a separate stroke length adjustment device so that each liquid end can be operated at an independent feed rate
  • Standard operation: long range three-phase motor 230/400 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.37/0.75 kW, protection class IP 55 (on demand ATEX-T3/T4), isolation class F
  • 4 gear reductions
  • Stroke length: 15 mm, adjustable with 1 % accuracy
  • Stroke length adjustment manually (optionally with actuator or speed controller)
  • Gear housing: aluminium cast
  • Liquid end materials: PVDF, stainless steel 1.4571, Hastelloy C
  • Multi-layer diaphragm with integrated diaphragm rupture signaling
  • Reproducibility of dosing at defined conditions and correct installation better than ±1 % (stroke length area 20 - 100 %)
  • Preset bypass valve integrated in hydraulics
  • High process safety: multi-layer diaphragm with integrated diaphragm rupture signaling as well as bypass valve integrated into the hydraulics
  • High process quality: dosing reproducibility better than ±1 %
  • Further application area, flexibly adjustable to capacity requirement and medium to be dosed
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Accessories (3)

Accessorie Product details
Injection Valve

Used for generating pressure and preventing backflow.

Back Pressure Valve

Used to generate a constant back pressure for precise dosing and/or to protect against overdosing, or for dosing accuracy with an open discharge or a positive pressure on the suction side. Used with pulsation dampeners to produce low-pulsation dosing.

Foot valve

For connection at the end of the suction line. Used to create pressure and to prevent return flow. Important: Injection valves are not intended as completely sealed units.


Spare parts (2)

Spare part Product details
Replacement diaphragm Ersatzmembran

Replacement diaphragm for diaphragm metering pumps.

Spare parts kit Ersatzteilset

The replacement part kit in general includes the wear parts of the liquid ends. Metering diaphragm, suction valve, pressure valve, valve balls, gasket set (for diaphragm metering pumps).