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Bild vergrößerndelta® Membrandosierpumpe

Solenoid diaphragm metering pump with optoDrive® drive technology. Complete control of the suction and pressure stroke for an optimal adaptation to the metering task and monitoring of the peripheral hydraulic instruments via optoGuard®.

  • Capacity range 7.5 - 75 l/h, 25 - 2 bar
  • Continuous or pulsating dosing
  • Programmable suction and delivery stroke duration
  • Pump can be adapted to the dosing media
  • Integrated injection control optoGuard® detects blocked dosing points, broken dosing lines and air or gas bubbles trapped in the dosing head
  • Stroke length continuously adjustable from 0 - 100 % (recommended range 30 - 100 %)
  • Acrylic glass, PVDF and stainless steel material versions
  • Patented coarse/fine ventilation
  • Detection and indication of diaphragm failure
  • Large backlit graphic display
  • External control options via potential-free contacts with optional increase/reduce speed pulse
  • Interfaces for PROFIBUS® or CANopen
  • Connection for 2-stage level switch
  • Optional concentration input for volume-proportional dosing
  • Flexible adaptation to the metering task ensuring optimal metering accuracy
  • The integrated injection control optoGuard® detects hydraulic failures which can then be messaged via the optional relays
  • High level of economy thanks to savings with regard to accessories such as e. g. pulsation dampeners, flow monitoring etc.
  • High metering accuracy even at varying backpressure
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Accessories (6)

Accessorie Product details
Float Switch

Float switches enable problem-free and flexible integration of metering pumps into automatic control loops.

Suction Assembly

For ProMinent® solenoid pumps consisting of foot valve, adjustable retaining tube with screw connection and intake line.

Suction Lance

Consisting of foot valve, retaining tube and screw connection, intake hose.

Control Cable

Control cables enable problem-free and flexible integration of metering pumps into automatic control loops.

Wall Mounting Bracket

With fixtures, to hold one metering pump.

Flow Meter DulcoFlow® DulcoFlow®

Operates based on the ultrasonic measurement method. Media contacting parts manufactured using chemically resistant PVDF. Therefore, aggressive media can also be measured without problem. Installed directly in the pipe of the medium being measured.


Spare parts (2)

Spare part Product details
Replacement diaphragm Ersatzmembran

Replacement diaphragm for diaphragm metering pumps.

Spare parts kit Ersatzteilset

The replacement part kit in general includes the wear parts of the liquid ends. Metering diaphragm, suction valve, pressure valve, valve balls, gasket set (for diaphragm metering pumps).