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DULCO®flex DF4a

Bild vergrößernSchlauchpumpe DULCO®flex DF4a zur Flockungsmitteldosierung

The DULCO®flex DF4a peristaltic pump has been specifically developed for flocculant metering applications. It is used wherever flocculants needs to be added constantly and accurately to treated water. Typical applications include swimming pools and whirlpools.

  • Capacity range 0.4 - 12 l/h, 4 - 2 bar
  • Silent-running speed-variable stepper motor with drive shaft mounted in ball bearings
  • No mechanical gears means long service life
  • 100 % duty factor
  • Operating pressure up to 4 bar possible
  • Infinitely variable adjustment of metering rate from 1 to 100 %
  • Reproducible metering rates of 1.5, 6.0 and 12.0 l/h are shown on the display
  • Operating and hose hours counter
  • Intake function (continuous operation)
  • Level input (1-stage or 2-stage contact)
  • Hose break monitoring with alarm relay
  • Switchable output rate change, e. g. night reduction or increased output
  • Sign-based user prompting and programming with four buttons for easy and convenient operation
  • Safe operation by entering the reproducible throughput quantity and concentration
  • Straightforward installation ensures flexible retrofit – also in existing installations
  • Efficient operation, e. g. by reducing feed rates at night
  • Hose change made easy by servicing friendly design
  • Proportional adaptation of metering rate via current and voltage input
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Accessories (10)

Accessorie Product details
Injection Valve

Used for generating pressure and preventing backflow.

Back Pressure Valve

Used to generate a constant back pressure for precise dosing and/or to protect against overdosing, or for dosing accuracy with an open discharge or a positive pressure on the suction side. Used with pulsation dampeners to produce low-pulsation dosing.

Foot valve

For connection at the end of the suction line. Used to create pressure and to prevent return flow. Important: Injection valves are not intended as completely sealed units.

Float Switch

Float switches enable problem-free and flexible integration of metering pumps into automatic control loops.

Suction Assembly

For ProMinent® solenoid pumps consisting of foot valve, adjustable retaining tube with screw connection and intake line.

Suction Lance

Consisting of foot valve, retaining tube and screw connection, intake hose.

Suction and discharge pipe

for metering pumps and accessories. We recommend using the original lines to ensure the mechanical connection in case of clamping ring fittings as well as compressive strength and chemical resistance. On request, food grade version is possible.

Control Cable

Control cables enable problem-free and flexible integration of metering pumps into automatic control loops.

Relief Valve

The relief valve protects all system components against damage due to pressure overload.

Wall Mounting Bracket

With fixtures, to hold one metering pump.


Spare parts (2)

Spare part Product details
Spare hose

Spare hose for peristaltic pumps.

Spare parts kit Ersatzteilset

The replacement part kit in general includes the wear parts of the liquid ends. Metering diaphragm, suction valve, pressure valve, valve balls, gasket set (for diaphragm metering pumps).